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Dayan Candamil's eye for the extraordinary started at a young age, from painting theater sets to making jewellery made from things she found around the house. The latter is what caught the attention from people around her and is what eventually drove her to pursue it in the way we know today.

Growing up in Colombia, Dayan left home at the age of 17 to study law at FMU in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but decided after three years to drop out and follow her creative path. She moved to the US to study Art History in San Francisco, CA where she continued to create jewellery and bags that eventually caught the attention of people asking to buy them and professors encouraging her to pursue it even further. From there, Dayan created her first collection.

After turning down a grant to the Art Institute in California, Dayan moved to London to study Visual Merchandising at the prestigious London College of Fashion. For her graduate collection she presented her pieces under what is now her namesake brand, Dayan Candamil.

Taking inspiration from art, history and culture itself, and the filigree technique in particular, Dayan wanted to rescue traditional craftsmanship and make a brand rooted in the importance of culture and handmade work. Today, Dayan Candamil offers more than 50 styles of luxurious, one of a kind bags and accessories that are embellished with filigree, exquisite diamonds and emeralds, and a collection of fine jewellery pieces.

Through word of mouth, Dayan's creations became known worldwide for their uniqueness and exclusivity, making them instantly recognisable as a Dayan Candamil design. The brand grew an impressive list of customers, from the most prominent royalties in the Middle East to celebrities in Europe and the US, all looking for that next level of luxury.

Gaining a lot of attention from the press, Dayan Candamil has been featured in publications worldwide for her exceptional style and offerings of luxurious goods. CNN, Vogue, Hello Magazine, Miami Herald, Univision are only a few of the long list of features.


Welcome to house of candamil

Living all over the world and experiencing the different cultures first hand, Dayan has through her travels, inadvertently prepared for the launch of House of Candamil her whole life. House of Candamil is a lifestyle platform that combines everything she's seen from across the world with great craftsmanship sourced directly from local artisans in Italy, Morocco, Egypt and beyond.

Giving local people from all over the world a place to tell their story and share their culture, House of Candamil is a place that holds timeless homeware pieces, accessories and clothing that are crafted using traditional techniques that celebrates the handmade work.

House of Candamil is exactly that, a house, a home. This is where you can find everything from curated lifestyle content to clothes, food, kitchenware and accessories, It's a place that embodies what Dayan Candamil stands for; familiarity, great quality and good times. The ultimate aim is for you to own pieces with a story to tell and pieces that you feel truly connected with.



Dayan Candamil has gained lifelong experience through her travels and living in different countries, but also by creating her own successful companies, which is why she can offer exceptional consulting for designers and businesses that are looking to expand. Dayan can connect you with the right people from all over the world. Having worked with them herself, she can confidently link you with high quality manufacturers specialising in everything from clothing and bags to homeware and accessories. Dayan Candamil is able to offer her expertise every step of the way, from helping you create the right samples to the launch of the product.



Welcome to house of candamil

Dayan Candamil's name has become synonymous with the luxury lifestyle.

Her elegant handbags, exquisite jewelry and heirloom accessories are the definition of opulence.



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