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INSPIRED DESIGNS by Dayan Candamil in her own words

Why Dayan Started Her Business - "I didn't intend to become a designer. But from the time I was a little girl, I designed my own clothes and accessories. People would ask me where I shopped. When I said they were my own designs, they asked if they could buy them. Eventually, starting a business seemed like the natural next step."


What Inspires Dayan - "I've traveled extensively and enjoy learning about different cultures. I have always had a love of art and history. That's why my designs tend to be classic and why I often incorporate ancient processes like handmade filigree jewelry into my designs."


What Influenced Dayan - "I've lived in many different cities and countries. Each place contributed to my education and the development of my personal style. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I initially studied law at FMU in Brazil. Midway through my degree program, I was offered an opportunity to move to Miami, where I worked in various positions and learned English.

From there I moved to California where I studied art history, American history and fashion illustration at San Francisco College. I presented my first collection at The Art Institute of California in San Francisco.

I then moved to London, where I studied fashion buying, merchandising, product design and luxury brand management in the London College of Fashion, the same school where Jimmy Choo, Ashley Isham, Harold Tillman and many other fashion industry icons got their start. Eventually, I moved back to San Francisco to work with Guess by Marciano.

We are profesional

When I decided the time was right to launch my own collections, I returned to Florida. I am based in Miami but continually travel between New York, Paris, London, Dubai and Bogota to introduce my designs to new retailers and also seek out the best raw materials and craftsmen for producing my products."


What Makes Dayan's Products Unique - "Anyone who sees my products knows they are distinctive. Every design is carefully thought out and personally created by me. I don't buy designs and then simply put my brand on it. I develop my designs from scratch, and I obsess over the details. My production standards are among the highest in the industry. I believe those qualities come through in everything that bears the Dayan Candamil name."


Who Dayan Designs For - "I design for the woman who knows no boundaries. She is strong in character and not afraid to be herself. She is a genuine trendsetter. Worldly and sophisticated, she appreciates fashion innovations that separate her from the crowd. Lavish details and intricate designs always catch her eye. She values couture-like quality and recognizes the impact she makes when she enters a room. She personifies a touch of class."


Plans for the Future - "I have always had an appreciation for the luxury lifestyle. I design for others who share my passion for beautiful accoutrements. Today we offer lines of jewelry, handbags and other fashion accessories. But we are continually exploring expansion into new markets. In everything we do, we are committed to upholding a level of refined elegance not commonly found in everyday life."

Dayan Candamil's name has become synonymous with the luxury lifestyle. Her elegant handbags, exquisite jewelry and heirloom accessories are the definition of opulence.